Our Story

Welcome at BnO Gold your service supplier of golden Bang & Olufsen.

It has almost been a century that Bang & Olufsen is leading the quality design electronics market. Its exclusive and unique design have mezmerized countless of people making it the most luxourious electronics brand today. For us this wasn't good enough. We want to make it even more exclusive therefor we have launched BnO Gold.

What we offer is the already exclusive Bang & Olufsen in gold. We offer custom made gold coated (24 carat) and pure gold (18 carat) speakers, music systems and televisions.   Making our saying "Bang & Olufsen is worth gold" litteral in great detail.

BnOgold has emerged over the last five years as a firm that’s synonymous with extreme luxury, authenticity, and style. While you might pay a little more cash to get your hands on the BnOgold products, you’re paying for the chance to own something truly unique.